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About job requests


Thank you for visiting this site.

Michiko Aizawa stipulates various productions as follows. I hope you can refer to your request.


About flow from request to delivery of finished product


Michiko Aizawa takes the concept of a set of production work for each type of production.

Production work is the interaction with customers, research on requests, collection of materials, actual work creation, and other administrative procedures.

Depending on the scope of work and delivery time, the price of the request will also change.

The big flow is as follows.


(1) Confirmation of customer requests and work requirements

(2) Collection of reference materials that meet requirements and concepts

(3)Determine the framework and specifications of the work

(4)Draft draft

(5)Drawing (work production) preparation, actual production, intermediate confirmation

(6)Reflections pointed out in the interim check

(7)Approval (confirmation) of completed work

(8)Delivery of finished products and exchange of rewards


The above steps (1) to (8) are the production flow and production work set.



About work that can be requested


The production that accepts your request

a) Painting work (Basically only for monochrome works. For color coloring, please consult.)

b) Illustration production (cuts, door drawings, packages, textile illustrations, etc. * Please feel free to contact us, including applications.)

c) Mural production (* preparing as of March 2020)

Details are as follows.


a) About painting

We accept requests only for black and white (monochrome) works.

・The size can correspond to A5 size ~ B1 size. (* Needs consultation depending on each work series)

・ Wood paneled or hand framed.

-It would be helpful if you could specify the name of the series you are requesting when referring to the study page.


b) Illustration production

・ The finished product will be delivered basically in the form of data.

Both monochrome and color works are available.

・The size and application will be responded to according to consultation.

・It would be helpful if you could specify the name of the series you are requesting when referring to the study page.


c) About mural production

Details will come later ...! If you are in a hurry, please contact us using the form below. Please feel free to contact us.



About other inquiries

We accept in the following form.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or questions.


Thank you very much.


Contact Me

Thanks! Message sent.

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